i mirroring i    who is me    i weeping i    so much all to be             
     A Land Hi in Sky Sunset    a normal world at sunset,    for those hurrying by;    for i    the many fragment world complex,    becomes world singing song.       i see a land hi in sky sunset,    being in a land hi in sky sunset,    the sunset radiates,    i radiate the sunset.    a pilgrimage to a land hi in sky sunset.       crystal, blue, calm, is all,    refreshing the soul,    in a bath of golden platter lakes, passing by,    dancing light songs,    somersaulting among evolving rainbow sculptures.       contentment wishes of remain, only destroys.    ploughing the way is with pain.    the world had smothered i,    the vapor way effortlesses,    bubbling to the surface along the stream,                                          the splendor of passing along the vapor way,    on the plain of blue,    to enter amongst towering cloud peak idols…    so minute, becoming nothing,    infinity entering.       for a moment the i revives to make    one last world whimper that the rest would follow.    from a land hi in sky sunset    i see they are,    in their own, one way or another.       the vapor effortless is transparent mist,    nothing was death,    life begins.                   
    In a land of shadows we walk.  Each step a question,  Who and why am I?  Through this maze of shadows,  How to find our way?     From out the darkness,  Two paths meet.  Who are you in the light of I?  Who am I in the light of you?     The shadow mountains still surround,  But what is this,  Shining between our eyes?  In the land of shadow questions,  Learning to see  I to I.               
    oli orj  I am     becoming  dome echoing velvet,     becoming  a keyhole moon blossoming  milky way motion mints,     becoming  prancing rainbow dimpled blobs  yawning leaps into blackness,     becoming  orange obbles flowing  purple spray pop ping,     becoming  pulsating white light whistles  glowing lovsilence warmth,     becoming  crystal cubes laughing  melting know now tears,     becoming  whirlpooling pond calm,     becoming  soundless singing suspension,     becoming  i am  oli orj               
    To the Heroes of the Sun Skin Deep     I am that rather dull looking shadow,  Silently passing by;  I know you have no time for the likes of me.  But as I walk,  I see  I am in the land of the Heroes of the Sun Skin Deep.     I marvel,  How you glow  No less than your frozen gold idol.  Arrayed in your flashy colored armor defense,  Strutting I’m a pretty clever naked ape,  Riding blazing chariots of fiery consuming soul.     And yet,  Do I see in those pretty,  Do you see me eyes,  The blush of only loneliness,  The windows to a soulscape,  Emptiscape, trying to escape?     O, you Gods and Goddesses of the Sun Skin Deep!  Beneath the skin deep world,  In quiet depths of darkness,  A wonder world weaving  Gives birth to the Sun I am   
    If I Listen     The clamor tog of city cog,  Shatter shakes breaks!  You clattertack clattertack du,  You getterog getterog tu.  Go touf rap rut sackero daei,  Go touf rap rut sackero daei,  Go touf rap rut sackero daei.     And then,  On the morning of the dawn still now,  I  Into the secret deepness lie,  Washing away,  Shacking the sleep of everyday.  Into the stillness,  Sensing the sleeping prisoner I.  Mist of morn arise!  Free the prisoner I.     All around,  If I listen,  Living spaces, Light and Dark,  Echo through the heart.  In the stream,  Bubbles swirl,  Dancing all,  Can I hear?     Awun uwal aroun aroun uroam,  Rorum rolil roham roham.  Behold our dance,  Our breathing script.  Through the masks of form  The glimmer of our being.  Gently approach,  And we reveal  The song of world creating…  Awun uwal aroun aroun uroam,  Rorum rolil roham roham.     With this song,  I walk  In the cog of the corp  Where the cope fret stirs.               
     I to I      If we met, would we meet?  Would I know you as I?  What is I?  I am so me, and yet how little I know I.  If so little I know I,  How am I to know you as I?  You who are I as I am I.  When we meet, may we meet  I to I.               
    amongst  a crystal bubble forest,  in a floating  ice island world,  transparent melting.               
    Love is Not Lost       It’s a sunny Sunday morning,  A pool of sunshine in my lap,  The morning silence speaks to me  Of the mystery of time.  The sunlight echoes the child of innocence  That once upon a time I was.  But now, who am I,  Now and ever now?     I wonder wander through the world  Looking for that lost something.  Seven years, a life time past,  Within your life I found my life.  Seven years, two lives as one,  So long, so short,  So well known, not known at all.  A life so real,  One day is simply gone.  All things pass away,  The child of innocence must pass away,  To become a child of pain.  The sky of my heart  Fills with clouds of rain.        I had your love  And lost your love.  O mystery in time,  Can this be?  Can love be lost?     Within the silence of sunlight singing,  Nothing is lost.  In the mystery of time,  Love is not lost.               
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