Window One: On My Way

       The drawings, paintings and poems in Window One: On My Way were created in my 20’s and early 30’s. When I look at them today I have two contrasting reactions. On the one hand I feel like I am looking into a mirror that reflects, not so much my outer appearance, as my inner state of heart and mind at that early age. From this perspective, I am inclined to keep them to myself as early works that have meaning and value mostly for myself. On the other hand, I find myself looking at them as if someone else created them. In this frame of mind, I am intrigued by the way they reveal the unique way this young man saw himself and the world in this early period of his life. I have decided to share these early works on the chance that they might be of interest to some viewers whether they resonate as something familiar or foreign to their own experience.

       Some of the poems included here have a relationship to the accompanying painting or drawing, but for the most part there is no direct correspondence. It is a common state of heart and mind that strove to express itself through these various mediums that connects the written and visual works .

Michael Howard,

March, 2017