1a:   A Physical Point and a Non-Physical Point
1b:   Two Physical Points and a Non-Physical Line
1c:   Three Physical Points  and A Non-Physical Triangle
1d:   Feeling Straightness, Angularity and Triangularity
1e:   Different Physical Triangles, Different Non-physical Qualities
1f:   Triangularity is a Dynamic Non-Physical Quality
2a:   From Triangle to Circle
2b:   From Static Forms to Dynamic Forms
3a:   Thinking Up and Down
3b:   Feeling Upwardness and Downwardness
4a:   Two Circles And a Triangle
4b:   Three Circles and a Convex Curve Triangle
4c:   Six Circles and Three Triangles
4d:   Budding, Crystalline, Withering
5a: Metamorphosis of Circle from Rudolf Steiner
5b:   Metamorphosis of Circle from Rudolf Steiner
6a:   Three Forms of Weight
6b:   Three Kinds of Levity
7a:   Two Polarities
7b:   Balancing One Pole with the Opposite Pole
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